February 11, 2023  •  Joshua  •  Comments Off on Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick’s ‘Flowers’ Cover Gets Miley Cyrus Seal of Approval  •  2023: FLOWERS, MILEY, MUSIC, NEW ARTICLES, VIDEOS

MILEY CYRUS HAS become known for taking another artist’s song and transforming it into something entirely different with her signature delivery. Now, Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick have taken a page out of Cyrus’ book and done the same with their rendition of her latest single, “Flowers.” With backing vocals from a figurine of a screaming goat, the couple’s cover got the Cyrus seal of approval.

“We’re not with the goats, but we thought we’d try a goat song, anyway,” Bacon said at the start of the cover.

“Love this,” Cyrus wrote in response to the video the pair shared on social media earlier this week. Bacon responded: “Clearly, so do we. Thanks for this tune.”

Cyrus has been breaking streaming records left and right since the release of “Flowers,” the first single from her forthcoming album Endless Summer Vacation. Out March 10, the record will serve as a “reflection of the strength she’s found in focusing on both her physical and mental well-being.”

The biggest hit of the past decade of her career, “Flowers” couldn’t have been a better start to Cyrus’ first full-length release since 2020’s rock-driven Plastic Hearts. “I think that I’m really embracing — and everyone else is embracing, too — that the music is a priority right now,” the singer told Rolling Stone in 2020. “I guess I’m just in love with the fact that, for once, it feels like it’s really focused on the music, and I think I felt that I almost took some blame for the distraction sometimes.”

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