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March 2, 2024   Joshua   Comments Off on Doctor (Work It Out) Music Video + Screencaptures 2024: DOCTOR (WORK IT OUT), GALLERY UPDATES, MILEY, MUSIC, MUSIC VIDEOS, MUSIC VIDEOS, VIDEOS

The official video and single of Miley’s new career is a song that was recorded back in the Bangerz era (2013) and given a more modern update in 2024 with the co-creator Pharrell Williams. Huge thanks to David who was kind enough to cap and sent them to me yesterday before I had the chance […]

August 27, 2023   Joshua   Comments Off on ‘Used to Be Young’ Music Videos Captures Added 2023: USED TO BE YOUNG, GALLERY UPDATES, MUSIC, MUSIC VIDEOS, MUSIC VIDEOS
May 16, 2023   Joshua   Comments Off on ‘Jaded’ Music Video Out Now 2023: JADED, MILEY, MUSIC, MUSIC VIDEOS, VIDEOS

Miley’s new single Jaded is out now. Screencaptures of the music video will be out soon!

March 11, 2023   Joshua   Comments Off on ‘River’ Music Video Screencaptures Added 2023: RIVER, GALLERY UPDATES, MUSIC, MUSIC VIDEOS, MUSIC VIDEOS

I got a new dress Just to meet you downtown Will you walk me through the park just to show it off I can pull my hair back in that tight way that you like If you wrap me in your arms and you never stop

February 11, 2023   Joshua   Comments Off on Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick’s ‘Flowers’ Cover Gets Miley Cyrus Seal of Approval 2023: FLOWERS, MILEY, MUSIC, NEW ARTICLES, VIDEOS

MILEY CYRUS HAS become known for taking another artist’s song and transforming it into something entirely different with her signature delivery. Now, Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick have taken a page out of Cyrus’ book and done the same with their rendition of her latest single, “Flowers.” With backing vocals from a figurine of a […]